Enjoy the Sun Spa Experience

Tailor-made full day program according to your tanning objectives

SUN SPA PRIVILÈGE : Tailor-made full day program

Transforming a day at the beach into a unique experience, alchemy between the sun, perfect knowledge of your skin and the expertise of a perfect tan. Everything starts with a diagnosis…

Depending on what you want, analyzing your skin tone and your sun exposure habits, our Sun Spa Therapist makes a solar expert diagnosis and delivers a highly customized prescription that adapts over your vacation according to your tanning goals and progress of your tan.

Sun Spa Privilège in 3 steps

Before sun exposure

Gentle, grain-free face and body exfoliation eliminates dead cells and a dull complexion to encourage melanin to rise more quickly.
Combined with specific acupressure techniques with Cellular Water, this treatment energizes skin, making it more receptive to the application of BRONZ IMPULSE Tanning care. This unprecedented formula both acts as a melanin booster and prevents sun aging.

The result: an incomparably soft feel and luminous skin, better armed against photo-aging and ready for an even, long-lasting tan.

An exclusive real-time tanning support service : Pool & Beach Service

At the pool or the beach, suncare products are applied and reapplied by the Sun Spa hostesses, ideally every two hours and after every swim.

The prescription evolves throughout your stay according to your beauty goals and the progress of your tan. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity and your tanning wishes, your tailor-made program begins from your first time in the sun.

The result: prescription evolves according to your beauty and tanning objectives.

After exposure

On your return from the beach or the pool, the Sun Spa hostess performs an ultra-relaxing body massage with Tan Enhancing Body Lotion, which has a repairing and melanin-boosting action, and finishes with After-Sun Repair, anti-wrinkle repairing face care.

The result: a beneficial beauty boost for sumptuous skin at dinner.

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Sun Spa Privilège

Discover the beauty expertise of the skin in the sun INSTITUT ESTHEDERM.
A customized coaching for a sublime tan and a preserved skin.


Services of your choice, at any time, to prepare, nurture or prolong a tan, or quite simply to discover Institut Esthederm

Before sun exposition

A face and body treatment protocol with Institut Esthederm’s iconic skin preparation method to optimize tanning and to protect skin cells.

Preparing skin for the sun
Gentle exfoliation and hydration to prevent skin from drying out and to maintain its youthfulness.

Delicate skin preparation 
Ultra-gentle exfoliation and a treatment that hydrates and limits the cutaneous reactions of sun-intolerant skin.

Bronz impulse
Optimizes skin’s adaptation to the sun and allows a faster, more intense and long-lasting tan.

Sun sublimation 
This highly nourishing tan-activating treatment is perfect for triggering or accelerating the natural tanning mechanisms (reserved for limited exposure of 20 min).


After sun exposition

A body massage/treatment with Institut Esthederm after-sun products to prolong your tan and to maintain your skin’s youthfulness.

Long-lasting tan after-sun (optional exfoliation)
The perfect treatment for preserving a luminous, long-lasting tan. An optional gentle exfoliation revives the skin’s golden color and radiance.

SOS After-sun 
Specially for skin overheated by the sun, an ultra-hydrating repairing treatment that instantly soothes overexposed skin.

A self-tanning treatment that recreates the illusion of a beautiful natural tan without the sun.

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