Welcome to Sun Spa Esthederm

Tailored and serviced sun cares and tanning programs.


All our programs include a series of Institut Esthederm skin cares that our beauty therapist will apply on your skin before and after sun exposure.


Cares applied before sun exposure will help your skin activate its natural defense system (eliminate potentially harmful bacteria), optimize and boost the cells environment and benefit from the subsequent skin care products.


Cares applied after sun exposure will help to comfort, stimulate and energize the skin as well as to better absorb the actives contained in the after sun products.


Bronz Repair Anti-Wrinkle Program (facial only)

This anti-wrinkle program , is optimal for tanning without getting wrinkles in extreme sun. Ideal for all skin types, it will provide anti-dehydration and repair complexes to your face that will act like a solar vaccine: helps trigger and promote natural, fast tanning, strengthening the skin’s defenses.


Adaptasun Normal Skin Program (facial and body)

This program is designed for normal skin that rarely burns. Those who wish to tan quickly and safely in the most extreme sun conditions will get a more natural and deeper tan.


Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Program (facial and body)

Designed for fair-sensitive skin that burns easily, this program is ideal for tanning without burning in the most extreme sun conditions. Provides perfect comfort during exposure.


Into Repair Anti-Wrinkle Facial Program (facial only)

This high protection treatment is optimal for sun exposure without wrinkles, dark spots or allergies. It will help stimulate the production of support fibers and restructure and promote cell renewal leaving a firmer more resilient skin and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It allows exposure without risk of dark spots.


Sun Intolerance Program (facial and body)

The perfect program for sun intolerant skin, optimal for sun exposure without risk of allergies. The skin is protected from the inside by strengthening its self-defense systems and protected from the outside by filtering out the sun’s harmful rays. Allows the skin to enjoy the benefits of the sun without suffering from damage.


Sun Ultimate Facial Program (facial only)

A high security treatment, as safe as a total sun block that doesn’t have that “white” look, still lets you tan and its ecological for the skin. A 100% mineral screen protection for all sunlight conditions.


Perfect for intolerant skin allergic to chemical filters


No Sun Program (facial and body)

A maximum sun screen to completely protect the skin from sun. The effects of the sun are blocked so the skin can be exposed without tanning in any sun conditions. Ultra high protection for all skin types.


Photo Reverse Lightening Program (facial and body)

This program includes the first ultra high protective anti-spot sunscreen that uses the sun to help reverse the skin pigmentation process.


It is an ultra high protection treatment that inhibits the mediators of pigmentation, so people with dark spots and hyperpigmented skin can spend time in the sun while gradually lightening their skin.


Tan Booster Program (facial and body)

This deep tanning booster moisture treatment is ideal for stimulating the tanning process. Offers minimal protection for short exposure time in intense sun. Nourishes, beautifies the skin and reduces the risk of flaking. For all skin types, especially dry skin that tends to flake, or olive-toned skin that develops a sallow tan.


Intense After Sun Care (face and body)

A special sunburn program for the face and body that immediately calms and intensely repairs overheated skin after excessive sun exposure. This ultra calming treatment will act on the inflammatory phenomena triggered by sunburn, so pain and redness will progressively fade. It will also decrease the reactivity of the skin to the sun by reinforcing the skin's tolerance.


Self Tanning Treatment (face and body)

This program will help to re-create the tan’s perfect replica: a glowing and natural shade without sun exposure. The treatment will not only tan your skin homogeneously onto several layers of the skin but will also leave your skin soft, supple, energized and comfortable. Results start showing 2 hours after the treatment and final skin color after 24h. This treatment can be taken once a day and is suitable for all skin types.